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Connect With Native Speakers

Simply find native speakers of any language around you. Start a language exchange, find interesting people, make new friends! It is so simple on Linqapp! Just choose the language you are interested in and we show you native speakers of that language around your location that you can directly interact with!

Get Fast Answers

Real people from all over the world answer your language related questions instantly! Forget those bad machine translations, native speakers are here to help! Ask any kind of question either by text, by snapping a pic or by recording an audio clip. You will be amazed how fast you will get your answer and meet new people at the same time!

Become Language Expert

On Linqapp you will become part of a thriving language community! Whenever you help someone else, you gain reputation and level up on your way to become a Linqapp Language Expert! In the near future, we will allow our Linqapp Language Experts to monetize their skills right here on Linqapp!

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